facebook: “what are some of your favorite first moments?”
me: *adds “first bong rip” to timeline*

who needs a fun relaxing day off when you could lay in your bed silently crying and eating chocolate while waiting for the mechanic to call you and tell you your car is fixed

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Humpback whale

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"Little Dog/Punk Alliance"

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my best friend from my freshman year of college transferred back up here and we hung out for the first time in a year and it’s like nothing changed except she has a dog now and i’m so damn happy about it

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Emma Sulkowicz. 


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thanks to brooke for makin my hair so dandy
you can’t really tell in this but she accidentally make my ends a light peach because of the red dye
that’s chill tho as long as I look fine as hell

i need this picture of my mary on my blog because she’s a babe and also she’s coming up to visit me soon and sleeping on the very couch i’m currently blogging from and i haven’t seen her in months and i love her

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harvard is trying to get my little brother to apply there and he’d rather follow his best friend to asu. i’m floored

kevin and his friends and i played p.t. last night and it changed me

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My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Hayao Miyazaki

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if this internet prohibition shit ends up happening yall can catch me in the woods makin wifi moonshine 

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i was cashiering at work the other day and i read this lady’s total out loud to her and instead of saying it was $36.98 i say $63.98 and i thought that sounded weird so i looked at it again and i was like “oops, i mean $36.98” and she pointed her finger in my face and yelled “HA!!! DYSLEXIC!!” and it was really rude and freaked me out especially since i have been jumbling letters and numbers together lately and reading has become more difficult so i’m already self-conscious of it and this lady screaming “dyslexic” at me at work really wasn’t necessary