i have a few coworkers who are so sweet and inclusive to me and the others probably wouldn’t care if i was bleeding to death as long as i wasn’t bleeding on the products

go figure my worst day of work so far would be on my birthday :)

trader joe’s inadvertently gave me a wonderful birthday present when they scheduled me to work on my actual birthday but gave me friday and saturday off this week so i can go see andrew jackson jihad & hard girls on friday AND go see kevin play his show on saturday 

the only thing that changed with my birthday is the about section on my blog now says i’m a 20 y/o english major instead of a 19 y/o english major. that and i’m also no longer a teen and can’t hide my frustrations under the umbrella of teen angst

Happy birthday!

thank you!!

it’s my birthday and it’s time to fuckin party

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i’m gonna have such nice arms in like a month from working at tj’s like i can’t wait to bust out every tank top i own and casually flex for everyone

i’m excited to see the front bottoms tonight but i think i’m more excited to see singsomethingsweet tbh

i met a coworker named gibson last night and i asked him if he was named after the guitar company and he said “no i was named after the city i was conceived in” and i was like “oh” and then i told him to name his firstborn fender and he genuinely thought it was funny god bless

my job is strenuous and chaotic but it gives me a reason to be too tired to do stuff and keeps my mind off of things like caring about people and for that reason (plus the money) i like it

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i just got to the episode of twin peaks where laura palmer’s killer is revealed and omfg first of all wow and second of all why did i watch this alone at night in an empty house


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Scott Pilgrim cameos in Seconds