last night was so weird… a 45 y/o man talked to us on the porch and told us about his days working at the oscars. some guy drunkenly hit on me because he liked the hoodie i bought from h&m and then proceeded to take a piss off of the porch in front of me. kevin’s housemate asked me to join in on a convo about girls which later turned in to me telling him he didn’t deserve what happened to him in his last relationship while he cried. ended up sitting in the bathroom with kevin for over an hour because tequila is a goddamn nightmare and then the boys brought me waffles to eat while i was there. somehow managed to get a gnarly bleeding wound on my left hand.

our original plan was to watch a movie

if it’s any indication of how drunk i am/we are, here’s proof that i’m eating waffles off of the bathroom floor

if it’s any indication of how drunk i am/we are, here’s proof that i’m eating waffles off of the bathroom floor

i left the room like 15 minutes ago and the 5 people there haven’t even noticed i’ve been gone

the unfortunate thing about not wanting to go to this party is that i seem to be alone in my opinions and therefore will probably end up going to avoid causing a scene or making myself out to be some fun-sucking piece of shit girlfriend

i find it so increasingly difficult to accept the presence of straight white cis boys in my life

let’s talk about how much i hate parties and then discuss what it means for me to be going to one tonight hahaha i’ll give you a hint: it means there’s a 100% chance of a social anxiety-related panic attack and a .01% chance of me finding it the least bit okay

my english muffins and my expensive protein-packed tortillas both went moldy so i had to throw them out and now all i have to eat is half a bag of baby spinach, baby carrots, and greek yogurt. sweet

like i’m genuinely enjoying these logic exercises and i’m gonna be upset when i finish them all. that’s how weird this is

i’m having so much fun symbolizing arguments for my logic class. what is wrong with me? who have i become?

i think the nicest thing i could do for the people in my life right now would be to leave them alone


are u there god? itsa me, mario

wtf my roommate and my ra are so cool and i am genuinely disappointed that i’m only living here for like 2 more months